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Elevate your outdoor sanctuary with the Mezzo Bioethanol Fire Pit! Crafted with precision from durable Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC), this elegant fire pit is built to withstand the ever-changing British climate. Bask in the enchanting glow of clean, smoke-free flames, fuelled by its powerful 15L bioethanol burner, while modern stainless steel accents lend a touch of sophistication.

Arriving with all essential tools for seamless assembly, simply acquire your preferred bioethanol fuel to ignite the enchantment. We suggest selecting a premium fuel boasting a purity level of no less than 96.6% for optimal results. Additionally, each Mezzo Bioethanol Fire Pit includes a complimentary all-weather cover, ensuring year-round protection for your investment.

Re-imagine outdoor luxury with this Eco-conscious masterpiece, a focal point that seamlessly merges sustainability with unparalleled elegance.

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Mezzo Bioethanol Fire Pit - Free Standing Fire Pit Table

Looking to elevate your outdoor area to new heights? Search no further than the Mezzo Bioethanol Fire Pit! This remarkable Fire Pit Table is an Eco-conscious addition to your outdoor setting and will enhance both style and practicality with its cutting-edge features.

Crafted from durable Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) the Mezzo Bioethanol Fire Pit Table is engineered to endure the harsh elements the British weather can bring, providing year-round enjoyment.

Yet, what truly distinguishes this Fire Pit Table is its innovative combustion system, utilizing bioethanol fuel. Bioethanol is a sustainable fuel source that burns cleanly, devoid of smoke, odor, or residue and requires no hidden gas bottles or professional installation. Bid farewell to the inconvenience and mess associated with traditional fire pits and embrace the ease and luxury of the Mezzo Bioethanol Fire Pit. Its contemporary and sleek design is sure to elevate the ambiance of your outdoor living area, leaving your guests envious.

For those interested in a similar style but with a slightly smaller size and price point, the Mirage Bioethanol Fire Pit is worth considering. Additionally, the Mezzo Bioethanol Fire Pit is also available in a propane (LPG) option to cater to different preferences, the Mezzo Gas Fire Pit can be found on the above link.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Would this be your first Eco-friendly bioethanol fire pit? If you have any questions, please use our online chat or email us at info@theluxuryfirepitco.uk

You can also check out more about bioethanol by reading our tips, tricks and guidance on all things Fire Pits on our blog.

What is Bioethanol?

Bioethanol, also known as ethanol, is a renewable energy source derived from fermenting sugar and starch found in plant by-products such as sugarcane, grains, corn, potatoes, and other agricultural crops. Yeast is used in the fermentation process to produce bioethanol creating a 100% plant based fuel.

Why use a Bioethanol Fire Pit?

Choosing a bioethanol fire pit eliminates the mess associated with traditional wood and Gas Fire Pits, as there are no soot, smoke, or ash emissions. Moreover, bioethanol produces no harmful fumes, making it safe for indoor as well as outdoor use. The flames produced by burning bioethanol fuel are visually stunning, with a lively, dancing orange glow.

Is a Bioethanol Fire Pit Sustainable?

From an environmental standpoint, bioethanol combustion results in clean emissions of heat, steam, and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide emitted is absorbed by plants, which then undergo photosynthesis to grow, creating a continuous cycle of energy creation and combustion. This cycle renders bioethanol a carbon-neutral fuel source, contributing to its sustainability.

HEAT OUTPUT: 7.2KW (25,000BTU's)


BURN TIME: 16-28 Hours

SIZES: 1700mm (L) x 650mm (W) x 330mm (H) (330mm high including feet)

INCLUDES: GRC Architectural Concrete Fire Pit Base - Bioethanol 15L Burner Kit & FREE All-Weather Fire Pit Cover

NOTE: Outdoor Bioethanol Fires must be covered when installed outside and not in use. Please ensure after the fire has cooled down the lid is closed, the all-weather cover is then reapplied.

NOTE: NO FUEL IS INCLUDED with this purchase, please ensure you purchase bioethanol fuel from a reputable supplier. We only advise Premium Grade Bioethanol Fuel with a minimum purity of 96.6%, please do not use low quality fuels.

We offer FREE to the UK Mainland on all orders over £150 and a charged for service to the Scottish Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland. We aim to offer Fast Delivery, however some areas such as Scottish Grampian & Highlands, Ireland, Jersey and Guernsey are a 3-5 days service once despatched.

In stock items are despatched within 7-10 working days, via next day delivery. You will get a notice of delivery date with a minimum of 48hrs notice. If you require delivery on a specific day, please contact our sales team and we will always try out best to aim for that date for you. Saturday deliveries are available on request but will incur an additional charge.

On the day of delivery once arrived, please check there is no damage to the pallet or the packaging, if there is any damage to the packaging, please take a photo and also sign for the delivery as damaged or reject the delivery if you would prefer. This then enables us to open a claim with our courier for any damage that has happened in transit. We cannot open claims with the pallet couriers after 48Hrs, so please ensure any damaged arrivals are communicated before the 48hr cut off period or we WILL NOT be able to raise a damage claim.

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